Staff Profiles

Shiralee Jones

Position: Executive Officer and Company Secretary
Over Shiralee’s time at the AWRI her role has changed and expanded and she is currently the Executive Officer and the Company Secretary. She works closely with the Managing Director and the Board of Directors with a strong focus on corporate governance. Shiralee completed the Company Directors Course, through the Australian Institute of Company Directors in 2010.
Phone: 08 8111 1233

Rob Huxson

Position: Research Scientist
Understanding the composition of waste products, and exploiting these waste products in suppression of methane emissions from ruminant livestock. Current focus is on residual tannin from grape marc and the role that variable tannin chemistry has on dairy cow digestion and methane production.
Phone: 08 8111 1235

Mandy O’Brien

Position: Business Development Manager
Mandy is directly responsponsible for shifting the Group’s emphasis in service provision from data to solutions building a consulting expertise across packaging technology, operations and environmental impact assessments.
Phone: 08 8111 1234